The springbreak STAYCATION

We decorated lots and lots of eggs at Grandma's house with their cousins, and spent a day with Grandma Dianne at her house.

We did our annual jelly bean hunt around the house with more cousins.

We made bunny cars out of twinkies, nilla wafers, peeps, and a pretzel (the steering wheel). The pretzel was already eaten by the time I took the picture.

A neighbor friend made a library for my kids to visit and check out books, we also had a pizza game night with friends and their parents.

We went ice skating. Lindy broke her knee and Kyle broke his face.

We went to the Barnes boookstore to pick out books using a Christmas gift card from Uncle Mark and Aunt Thais. Thank you guys that was a great gift. Lindy had fun choosing her book, about the Titanic. She learned about it in school and had a real curiousity about the story. Kyle had less interest in choosing a book, but just enjoyed hangin' out in the store. At the last second, he picked a rocket book. Tate picked many books, Scooby Doo, Curious George, pop-up's, toys, music books, anything that he could find, then cried when faced with the choice of just one. There were just too many books to choose from. In the end he chose a stuffed bunny toy that he just had to have. We discussed that we came to the store for a book, not a toy, but he was insistent and the choice was his in the end. Sadie just ran around hiding the whole time, panicking me when I couldn't find her.

Of course you know that I spammed, that's what I did for Spring Break.

In the end I thought our "staycation" turned out great.

I didn't loose my mind, because quite frankly it was just like any other week. (I still have kids around me all day every day) We had something fun planned for each day, and I did less housework to be there a little more for the kids.

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Stacey said...

Looks like so much fun! I like the little bunny cars.