As a mom, I'm soooo tired of all the candy given to my children.

To be clear, I love treats, enjoy candy, eat chocolate and ice cream.
Dessert is wonderful and makes me happy.
But, I feel it has gotten way out of hand with how it is given to children.

Whatever happened to candy being given out once a year at Halloween.
Or just giving 1 piece of candy to a child, not large bags stuffed with candy.

My kids get it at school for all the b-days, and every holiday. Including Ground Hog's Day, St. Patty's Day, Earth Day, President's Day, Veteran's Day, etc.
They have a lot of school parties with red punch, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and candy.

To learn math they count skittles, to celebrate 100 days of school each kid brings in 100 pieces of candy, for rewards or incentives they are given candy or soda, the list could go on and on.

We go to the bank, candy, we go to Home Depot candy, we go to the dr. candy, any business  gives kids candy.  We go to church, primary teachers give them candy. They are invited to b-day parties, where large bags of candy are given out.  There are pinatas, parades, fruit snacks, soda, sugar cereals, and all the sugar juice, not juice, just sugar water.

I'm not sure what I'm saying with this post. It's just on my mind, and decided to write about it.


AmyMak said...

Um, I think this was MY next post. I completely agree!

Stacey said...

Spoken like a true dentist's wife. Least he'll always have a job!

Kristen said...

You should watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Friday nights. He is trying to revolutionize the way kids in America eat, starting with what they get fed at school. This post just reminded me of that. I feel the same way.