Our "Traditional" Spring SnowStorm!

I shouldn't complain. . .
The kids had a nice time in the snow, and it melted by the afternoon. . .

The truth is, I've never liked Spring where we live.
We get hints of warm sunshine then WIND, cold temps., rain, and snow.
It always seems to go from windy 50 degrees to 100 degrees for summer.
Never a nice month in between filled with 70 degrees.
It's always a careful balance between sweatshirts, winter coats, and flip flops.
The laundry triples around the house because the kids start bringing out their shorts and short sleeve shirts but they still wear their winter clothes too.
The house is much more cluttery this time of year.
Snow gear lying around, sweatshirts, coats, socks being flung around, blankets are still strewn everywhere, more shoes and boots are all over the house, etc. etc.


Ingrid said...

You got way more snow than we did. We certainly could not make a snowman. You guys are cute!

Karen said...

Ya that doesn't sound like a fun spring. Next spring come visit us in AZ!!!!!!