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Our dishwasher:
My mother observed our dishwasher over Christmas.
Her diagnosis: Overstuffing and Overcrowding.
In her own words, "How could anything get clean in there?"

Ooops, I have a tendency to stuff the dishwasher.
I hate doing dishes by hand, so I stuff.
I also thought I was being green,
being good to the earth, by only running the dishwasher once and stuffing it.
I read this article in RealSimple about using your dishwasher. Good advice, a good quick read, I recommend.

I've had to face reality that I should do  2-3 dishwasher loads a day. 

The newest problem is this: Soap that never gets rinsed through. Sigh. . . .On and on it goes, there is always something not working quite right.

My Migraines:
My sister, Molly, who suffers from the same headaches visited with her family Dr. and he prescribed something like "Sumatriptan
It worked great. Sooo, I went to my family Dr., not my ob/gyn, and asked for the same prescription.
It works! As Molly says, "Life Changing". I agree.
When I feel my hormone migraine coming on, I take one and I have a normal day.

A Piano:
(Read previous post here)
We have an old keyboard, I've set it up like a piano, to see how we do.
I'm hoping to get my 2 older kids starting lessons this summer.
We will see how it goes, then be more informed to make a good decision.

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Andrea said...

I do the same thing with our dishwasher. I never thought the overstuffing would be a problem though. I guess I should try smaller loads and see if it makes a difference. We have the same problem with the soap not rinsing through as well. Argh!