Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Today we made a new sugar cookie recipe, that was very good.
The kids ate frozen green peas. Kyle mentioned they were green so we took pictures.
(For some strange reason my kids like to eat frozen vegetables.
Since they are vegetables, I say okay.)
The boys wore green, and Sadie wore an ugly sweater.
I read from my green scriptures.
I posted a green money post on my blog earlier in the day, that for some reason didn't post,
then I had second thoughts.
Lindy had a good day at school, and Kyle started soccer. 
At the end of the day, Chris requested that next year I make cabbage and corned beef.
Since tonight we had frozen chicken pot pies.
I feel lucky in general because I have a good life.

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From the beehive said...

Katie - I did try corned beef last night - first time for us. It wasn't bad - definitely try it next year. Derek did notice the lack of cabbage though!