Today I feel:

nervous, confused, & a little worried about healthcare and the vote that is coming this weekend?

upset from watching the movie/documentary food inc.

lazy with the kids, tv & video games are okay today

unsettled about computers, technology, blogging, social networking, how addicting it all is, my personal space feels crowded and there is so much info. out there, it's all too much, it hurts my head.

confused about the best way to save or spend money.

sad for Sandra and movie stars in general, I know they have choices, make choices but I still feel bad for them.

fearful for Sadie approaching the 2- year old phase. The tantrums are beginning, where did Sweet Sadie go?

bored and a little down, nothing imparticular, just somedays you feel more excited than other days. today is unexciting.


Kristen said...

It's always nice to know that other people have these days too. And sometimes you can't put a finger on why you have the blahs...you just do. Here's to an exciting weekend!!

Karen said...

Oh man I don't even want to go into my feelings as of right now in my life. They are completly all over the place and can't even describe half of them