Favorite Christmas Toy

This marble game has entertained my kids for more than a month. WoW. That's a good toy!
They love it, and play with it everyday. I mean everyday. Amazing.
Sure, there are a lot of pieces and marbles, but it has stayed mostly in one place - the kitchen floor.
They have been fairly good at putting it away, when they are done.

Here is the Toysrus link if you want a little more info.

P.S. Tate likes to wear "muscle" shirts, even in the winter.

P.P.S. Sometimes my boys make the same expression on their face as the boy on the box when they are designing their marble races.

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Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

We've had a marble set just like that since I was a little kid and it is STILL one of the favorite toys at my parents house. My boys play with it for hours whenever we go visit and even the big boys (daddies) get in on the action and try to build the best course, lol. Good toy!