Blurbing, Fashion, and Babysitting

One of my favorite bloggers (everydayromneys.blogspot.com) has done some great posts
to help all of us.

Here they are:

How to blurb your blog
Her tutorial will walk you through making your blog into a hardcopy book/journal.

I tried using blog2print. It downloaded my blog quickly, every page.
For some this may work well.
I could edit text, but couldn't delete posts.
I don't want to put my every post in a book for the family/kids to read.
Using blurb, seems like a better way to go.

A great babysitting idea

How to stay in Fashion

Preparing for the stomach flu
Scroll down the post, to watch the video.
Very funny, a classic post for any family


Jessica said...

You are so sweet. What a nice comment you left and what nice post!

(As you'll notice from any of those posts, the wisdom isn't mine! I just redistribute it!)

How did you find me anyway?


Great babysitting idea. AND we can actually use it, we've finally arrived! Hurray!


Just watched Barf Training! LOL! I LOVE it!