What I said today in the car to my boys:

"Boys, put your BUM on YOUR seat in the car!"

"We don't hang upside down, fly, do circus tricks, gymnastics, stunts, and jump in the car."

"Keep your BUM down and face forward. STAY IN YOUR SEATBELTS!"

"GET OUT of the trunk park of the van!     NOW!
What on earth are you doing back there?"

"I'm stopping the car until you can SIT in your seats and stay buckled.
That means we can't go home for lunch or go to the library to get a new Power Ranger's movie."


"That's not a seat!, Get off of that!"

"Don't touch Sadie, don't touch each other, keep your hands in your lap!"

"We don't put bums on the floor, on windows, or up in the air, WE STAY RIGHT SIDE UP!"

"You're going to fly through the window THAT's WHY!" "That would be very,very bad."

"That policeman is watching us!"

"You can't sit in the front seat, if the airbag explodes it will pop your head right off!"

This happens every time I'm in the car with the boys.
This is why I stay home all day every day, week after week.
The seatbelts are too looooong in our minivan.
You would be amazed at the feats my boys accomplish while they claim to stay in a seatbelt.
It is impressive. They could do shows.
It's always a toss-up between scolding and applauding them.


Karen said...

I was just talking to my friend on the phone about why we have kids. We are at the point with our kids that we just try to get them to go to sleep all day long. We never want to see their eyes open. Maybe I'll try to keep Haylee in a carseat until she is 12.

Heidi said...

Hilarious! I was dying but I feel for you. That must be miserable.

Cathy said...

Have your kids watch youtube videos showing simulated car accidents... that might help, or not.

PennStateMama said...

Are there any openings in gymnastics classes for them??? I still have my younger two in 5 point harness seats. Seriously, I think that they will be there for a long time.