An idea for storing toys

I started keeping these clear, plastic, zipper bags.
They come in all sizes; Superty-duperty large and small.
When you buy curtains, bed spreads, sleeping bags, and other stuff, they come in these bags.
Now I use them to store the kids' toys, and clothes too. They work great.

For storing bowling toys,
storing Mr. Potato Heads,storing GeoTrax train sets, and
for storing the muppets.

For fun I thought I would grade these toys.
The grade is based on children using these toys for a significant time, and how badly they clutter the house.

Plastic Bowling Set: B- for the once a year use. The one time during the year they have fun, then leave it cluttered all in my entry way at the front door. Our long entry way is the bowling alley.
Mr. Potato Head: C It gets used once every other year. Not too cluttery if it stays in clear storage bag.
GeoTrax Train Set: B They seem to like this one about every 3 months, can become very cluttery!
Stuffed Muppets: B- Very cluttery, but from time to time the kids kinda like them. Poor Miss Piggy has lost her clothes to Barbie.


MollyE said...

very clever idea! I would like to hear about some toys that you give an A grade to.


This is Stephanie.....At our house, the original Tinker Toys, get an A! Though VERY cluttery, they'll keep my children and company (of all ages-even teens) busy for hours. They're used nearly every day at our house. They require imagination and creativity. They are MUCH easier to clean up than LEGOS, don't make annoying noises, don't require batteries, are relatively safe (yes, there are small parts and some parts could be used as swords), and they are quite durable. I highly recommend them! They are spendy--but worth it! We've had ours for over seven years!