Great Grandpa Doug!

My Grandpa Ricks came to town this week. It was a great visit!
He's my kids' great grandpa, it's fun they can make memories with him,
the way I did as a child with him.
He's a great story teller, and kind about my cooking.
He ate my burnt grilled cheese sandwiches and cold broccoli that was suppose to be warm.
He was a wonderful house guest.

Here are some fun facts about Grandpa:
  • He doesn't really like his name Norm. Instead, he likes the name Douglas, and to be called Doug.  From now on, call him Grandpa Doug!
  • He has no fear of the cold, walking outside in 0 degree weather.
  • He walks everyday, no matter the weather conditions.
  • He loves to help people.
  • He's very humble
  • He likes to read biographies
  • He loves Toasted Cheese Sandwiches.
  • Fritos are his favorite chips
  • He loves to eat yogurt
  • He loves to go to Costco to eat their samples. He goes back for seconds when they are sampling brownies!
  • If he was young again, getting his career started, he would seriously consider being a dentist
  • His favorite Christmas memory as a child was during the great depression. Things were real tough for his family at the time. They had lost almost everything. Their dad made he and his 2 brothers a chalkboard. They were each excited and enjoyed it all day on Christmas.
  • His first date with his future wife was at the company Christmas party. He was smitten at first look and on that date!  He said it took him a long to propose to her. From first date to wedding day it was under 4 months. Yeah, I'll say it took him a long time to propose.
  • He remembers Christmas with his own children. He says "Our Christmas tree was loaded!" He brought up both his hands to emphasize his point. "Just loaded" "We shouldn't have done that" as he shakes his head, "We gave our kids too many toys." Then he lights up again. "But it was so much fun and we had a great time as a family on Christmas."
  • He is a descendant of Thomas E. Ricks. Thomas is his great-grandpa. He comes from Thomas' fist wife Tabitha. He is proud to be a Ricks.


Amanda said...

Grandpa Doug, I never knew! I loved reading these things about Grandpa. Thanks, Katie!

Laura said...

Thanks Katie! It is fun to learn about Grandpa!