Christmas Songs!

These are a list of some of my new and old favorite Christmas songs/albums by different artists:

  • Mistletoe, by Colbie Caillat
  • Silent Night, by Sarah Mclachlan, Album Title: Wintersong 
  • Let it Snow Album, by Michael Buble
  • Believe, by Josh Groban
  • White Christmas Album, by Martina McBride (**Amazing, so great, My Favorite!**)
  • Stil, Still, Still, by Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Album Title: Sing Choirs of Angels! (Love this album too, curious about their other albums, they have a lot now.)
  • Oh Holy Night, by Mormon Tabernacle Choir sung this past Sunday (loved this version, wow!)
  • A Baby Changes Everything, by Faith Hill, AlbumTitle: Joy to the World ( I love this song, Chris thinks the lyrics are a little weird.  It may not accurately describe Mary or the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth, but it reflects some of the emotions Mary may have felt. If you've heard this song tell me if you like or dislike it. This Faith Hill album,  Joy to the World, is really good too.)

I've enjoyed using pandora to listen to holiday music this season.  It's FREE!
You can put in your favorite artist, and a box will show up underneath where you can choose: your artist (holiday). It's cool, except for the commercials they play.


AmyMak said...

Martina is my favorite too. Her "O Holy Night" is so fabulous. Thanks for the other recommendations. Mormon Tabernacle Choir's new Christmas release with Brian Stokes Mitchell is good, but his voice takes a little getting used to. At least for me. As usual though, they bring a beautiful Christmas spirit.

Cathy said...

Thanks for this list! I signed up for a lala account (lala.com) - lets you pick 25 songs to listen to online for free. I chose all Christmas songs and took some of your recommendations! I love the Josh Groban Christmas Album!

I too love the Brian STokes Mitchell songs on the Mo Tab Christmas CD. Anyway, thanks a bunch for the recommendations - I'm enjoying them!