Take a peek inside my home

These are a few of my favorite things in my house.
My front door:
I love the stain color, and the lines. I also like the black hardware (doorknob).

Part of my entry:
I just recently put up these hooks. Love them, the kids actually use them.

Entry Scene from the Front Door:
Love my red rug, and table.
If you visit my home you can put your stuff on the table, or hang it on the new hooks.

Above the entry table:
Picture of the Portland Temple where we were married.
I think this picture is beautiful.

The Home and Visiting Teaching Room
or Future Piano Room:
I love the French Doors.
We can close the doors if the future piano playing gets too loud,
and doesn't sound like ColdPlay music yet.
I love the round table too, love it, One of my favorite pieces in my house.
The kids always pull out the fake flowers. Oh well.

Couch for the Home or Visiting Teachers:
This couch is surprisingly quite comfortable.
The sun shines in this room, it's very warm.
I love to sit on the couch in the warm afternoons and look out the window to our front yard.
I like the brown color I painted on the walls.
Love the lamp & accent table & the green striped chair.
The picture that hangs there is pretty too, but you can't tell from this photo. It's a fake Monet.

The Great or Family Room:
I love the red striped curtains.
I wanted just the right green, paint color on the wall behind the fireplace.
Not too green, not to dark. I had to custom make it.
It took months of deciding between this paint chip and that.
But I think I got it right.
Molly got me the family lettering, love it!
Sometimes I think it would be fun to put vinyl lettering of family names
around the iron branches/leaves to make it a family tree.
Then I wonder if I should put candles on the other side, to give the mantle a little more balance.

Kitchen: I like my vinyl lettering and decor above the cabinets. Not too busy or too cluttery.

More Kitchen:
I wanted to paint a wall in my kitchen. I looked for a good brown, but the browns were blending too much with my cabinets. Molly, my sister, suggested red.
It seemed everyone already had a red kitchen wall.
But, when I brought the paint chips home, it was the right thing to do. I love it.
I also love the fabric I put above the windows. Really love that fabric!
I made the window covering, which I think is kinda cool.
I got a big piece of wood at Home Depot, and glue-gunned the fabric on top.
Then hung it up with heavy hooks and nails.

A little red kitchen playset for the red kitchen:
I think this is cute & fun.
Does it get used? Sure. Greatest toy ever? No.

The Garbage:
I saved the best for last.
I always kept the kitchen garbage hidden in the pantry.
Recently, it got left out by accident for a couple of days.
Wah, lah. . .now I can clean the kitchen & clutter faster.
It's a permanent fixture now. I won't even put it away when the company comes.
Because the company always asks, "Where's your garbage?"
I also love our hardwood kitchen floor.


Karen said...

It was fun taking a tour through your house. I love this post. Can I copy? My trash is a nightmare. I hated having it out but I hate it under the sink. I want a stainless steel trash can. I think I could handle having it out then. And I love your comfy couch. It doesn't look comfy but oh it's such a great surprise when you sit on it. I like your table in the entry way. I don't think I've seen that in person, but it looks great. Are you going to do a tour of the upstairs too?

Katie said...

Yes, this is part of a series. You will see more some day.

Please do copy, I would love to see the things you love in your home.

What are we doing up so late?

And the table is new, from Fred Meyer.

Ingrid said...


This is so fun! I have been to your house a thousand times, but now I see it through YOUR eyes--and I LOVE it! Can you help me do something with our kitchen window treatments?

jenbahrens said...

Katie--you've been blogging a lot lately. Its fun to see your cute house. I love the Monet print!