Sunday Stations

Sundays have always been a hard day for me with the kids. My kids can only be spiritual and quiet for a few minutes. Not all day. Sundays are a long day for me. Not a day of rest with little ones.
I recently read this article in the Friend. It is a great idea.
We just tried it today for the first time. It worked better than I thought and was easy to set up.
You basically set up 3-5 stations in your house for your kids on Sunday.

I did a computer station - The friend magazine on the web
A card/letter station: kids can make letters/cards for grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.
A scripture/gospel picture book or family photo book station
A station with mom to get FHE part ready or do an activity from the friend magazine.

I set a timer for 10 min. After the ring you switch stations.
At some stations they could have gone longer.
For example Tate wanted to keep making cards. So I let him. He stayed there for 3 rotations.
There are so many ideas with this to adapt to your own family and kids' ages and needs.

You could do a:

  • journal station
  • email station
  • mission letter station
  • personal progress, duty to god station
  • get dressed for church station
  • interview with Dad station
  • prepare talk, scripture station
  • family history station
  • snack station
  • kitchen helper station
  • puzzle/toy station
  • color station

Will we do this every week?
Maybe not, but when Sundays start to get long and restless;
as the weather gets colder and darker this will help us get through.
I liked it and the kids liked it too.



We've done this at our house and the kids love it. They even ask for it! It was a great article.

Ingrid said...

Taeya just told me today, "I hate Sundays." I think we should try your idea!