Super Craft Saturday

I have a secret love of Relief Society craft saturdays. I like creating and making things. Some women have passionate feelings against this activity. That's why it's a secret that I like it. Shhh. . . Don't tell anyone. I don't like making these activities hard, expensive, too much work, and adding more unfinished projects to sister's lives. The crafts should be simple enough to finish that day, and simple enough for those sisters who don't feel "crafty". With my enrichment group coordinator calling, I've helped plan our Relief Society's Oct. Craft Saturday. In case any of you are somehow involved in the same planning/Enrichment calling or if you have girlfriends or family who is and they've asked you what crafts should they do. Here is what we are doing: (I'm not crafty enough to post pictures of each project.)
  • F.H.E. or Sunday quiet binders. We are providing sheet protectors and binders, and the sisters are bringing church magazines of their favorite articles to insert in page protectors.
  • ABC church books, using $1 photo albums. Very Cute!
  • Purses made from fabric placemats, with craft store purse handles. Very Cute too! looks expensive, sophisticated and trendy from a department store. But not expensive.
  • Table runners and placemats with a different holiday fabric on each side. For ex/ Christmas fabric on one and Thanksgiving on the other.
  • Gift tags and Homemade Cards
  • Cinnamon roll classes and demos

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