Homemaking. . .Enrichment. . .?

Over the years since I turned 18 and started attending Relief Society, I usually have a calling with Homemaking/Enrichment. This is still the case as I am the Enrichment Group Coordinator. I'm over all the groups. To be honest, it's not a calling I enjoy. The groups run themselves, and I end up sending lots of emails, making calendars, posters, and getting all the right info. to the ward relief society newsletter person and to the ward bulletin person. I never get all the right info. and it's a lot of people to contact. I also help start a new group, or do my own groups if the R. S. president has mentioned a need in the ward. It's a lot of women to keep happy. I have another calling too, which is the main reason I don't enjoy running the groups. I have also been called to teach the 4th Sunday lesson in Relief Society. Which I love, I love teaching & public speaking. It's the conference talks, which I love reading anyway. I've been feeling overwhelmed with both callings. On Saturday at the Relief Society Broadcast, when Sister Beck announced the new change to Enrichment/Relief Society Meetings, I thought maybe my Enrichment Group calling doesn't exist anymore? Maybe?? But actually, I was just confused. My counselor over me seemed just as confused too. She said we will have to wait for them to give us more info. The website says this. Thanks for reading my Relief Society Ramblings. P.S. I always love attending the Relief Society Broadcast. Some highlights:
  • The above I just mentioned; A change to Enrichment.
  • Sister Allred telling us to find the sister not here who would benefit from Relief Society
  • The phrase: "Relief Society needs you and you need Relief Society"
  • Sister Thompson sharing her dreams and the different life that she has now, but the great benefit Relief Society has been to her life.
  • The music and being with women from all over the world.

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