Lindy's Back to School Clothes

Lindy and I had fun getting her back to school stuff. She needed some new shoes too. She had in mind a certain pair of brown shoes. She was thrilled when Target had exactly the shoe she had pictured in her head, and in her size too. Phew. . .What would we do without Target?
2nd grade here we come. She just found out her new teacher gives out candy at the end of the school day, so now she is excited to start. The dentist in the family is not as thrilled.
My kids start school next Monday. A few more days to go.


Heidi said...

I think my 2nd grader has those exact same shoes from Target. Too bad she doesn't have those cute clothes like Lindy.

Kristen said...

Brynn also has the same shoes from the same beloved Target. Cute outfits.