F.H.E. at the E.R.

Sadie safely strapped in, read the following story below:
We tried to go boating for Family Home Evening, a couple weeks ago. While I was in the house gathering stuff, Chris was in the garage gathering stuff. The kids were in the front yard, and Sadie was inside our truck with the doors closed. Lindy didn't know she was there, and opened the truck door, which is where Sadie was. She spilled out, onto the sidewalk curb. Chris and I didn't see how it happened. It was just an accident. (Although, from now on no kids in cars by themselves??!!!) She is fine now, but right after the fall, was very quiet, still, spacey, and glazed with no personality. Not her usual self. Within 20-30 min of the fall, she threw up. I felt we should take her to the ER. Just to be sure. (Our very first trip to the ER ever). They couldn't find anything wrong, but wanted to observe her for a bit. They gave her a popsicle, she perked right up, and returned to her normal self. It was safe to go home, and just keep an eye on her. She displayed no more negative side effects and only had a a slight bruise on her head that lasted a couple of days. Tuesday night boating instead: P.S. We do not own a boat. This boat is from Chris' family that he used as a teenager. Chris is 37 (. . .gasp) which if you do the math, means the boat is old. But it still runs, it was broken most of the summer. Chris managed to have a discussion of how to fix it at church with the brethren. Chris was able to fix the boat himself, BRAVO Chris!!! He believes the boat still has many years left on it. Let's hope so!

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AmyMak said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous Idaho. Glad Ms. Sadie is ok.