An Amazing Sunset

Our home is a couple hours away from a great lake town in the mountains. We enjoy going there as a family in the summer and even in the winter for snow activities.
We happened to be there this weekend, on the way out of town, we saw this sunset.
Breathtaking, so colorful, one of the best I've seen in my lifetime. Truly Great.
My little photos on this blog hardly do the real sunset any justice.
(I keep trying to do bigger photos on my blog with no luck, oh well)
Sunset's are to me one of life's miracles. They always remind me God's love for me.
The realities of heaven and the creation.


MollyE said...

I think Idaho has amazing sunsets. It is one of my favorite things about living here! What a cute picture with you and the kids!! Thanks for a great day, we had a blast!

Tricia said...

So cute with your kids! And that is a GORGEOUS sunset.

Janis said...

I love the sunset! But I love best your beautiful family!! Now that's one of God's most amazing creations!!

Rebecca said...

Scan Chris in and you have a fabulous family Christmas picture! Ha! forget the snow scenes, let's get those sunsets pictures in Dec.!