My kids have been sick forever and ever now. Usually we get a break from about Mayish to Septish. We can go a whole summer without a sniffle, cough, or the terrible stomach stuff. Not this year. We are still in the thick of Cold and Flu season in Junary/Summer. Week after week, someone is sick and it slowly gets passed around.  Right now we have coughs, fevers, runny noses, sneezes, and aches.  I don't know, it's crazy, and I'm tired! When will it end. . .?
Here's my favorite meds to give my kiddies. I know there are tons out there, I've tried most of them. These 2 have stood out year after year providing myself and the kids some relief.  They last 6-8 hrs. You can get them both in generic versions for much less.
  • For colds, and those annoying coughs:The truth: Nothing really works for coughs, but this med. helps them get to sleep, which in turns helps with their coughing. Most of my kids can sleep through the night with this. Benadryl can help here too, but it doesn't seem to last as long, and not as good for coughs. Triaminic makes a day version of this too. I use it once in a while. Most of my kids with colds, they are either a little sick running around the house acting crazy "normal"or a lot sick. When they have energy to be up and around even though they are drippy I don't give them medicine. When they are really sick with a cold, not feeling good I give them the night stuff to help them rest during the day, and get a good nap.
  • For fevers: This is one of my favorites. They make this for babies/infants too. I don't give my babies cold/cough medicines. This one speaks for itself, it works great when they have a fever. Again, it helps them and I get through the night better.
  • For stomach stuff: If it's the 12-24 hour, I usually try to have them skip a meal or two. Usually the night comes into play, so they can usually wait for breakfast. When it drags on for more than a day, and the watery "d" starts, then hydration is the big key, even if they can't keep stuff down, I still try to keep them hydrated. Otter pops, and popsicles seem to be my favorite tool for this.  Dr's recommend pedialyte (sp?) But it is kind of expensive and my kids don't drink it or like it, and it expires fast.  
  • For Bad nights when they are too uncomfortable to sleep, and even the meds aren't working:
For babies: nursing has always helped me here, keeping them propped up in their carseat carriers works well too. I've also taken many a night drives with classical music to help them sleep. Too bad gas prices make this technique expensive, but some nights we do it anyway.
Baby Mozart/Einstein videos get my best use between 2-5 a.m. The babies love this video when they are sick and can't sleep. I sleep while they watch it.
For toddlers: Actually, letting them come down and watch a movie works well for my toddlers too. Sometimes I hold them, other times I just get them comfortable on the couch and let them watch away. I'll come down and check on them later to find them asleep. It works well for both of us.  
I said too much, this has worked for me, but the nights with sick kids are just tough. When I'm lonely or discouraged during those long night hours, I try to think of all the other mothers that have done this same thing throughout time. I also feel a special bond with each child as I help them through their illnesses, Somehow I think it builds a good relationship of trust and caring that will help our relationship through the years.

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PennStateMama said...

So sorry you have sick kids. It is no fun, for sure. My kids like taking warm baths when they have colds. The steam from warm water helps with congestion, and running a humidifier in their rooms at night also helps with croup coughs and congestion. It seems to go from year to year. Some years are good healthy years, and other years are bad, constantly sick ones.