A Donut Birthday Party

Sadie turned 9 back in May.
She wanted to have some friends over for a party.
Sadie came up with a Donut Themed Birthday Party.

I thought her idea was so cute.
We sent out Donut Invitations.

Sadie wanted to do a craft.
We made paper plate donut purses.
Here is the idea and instructions.

We played some Donut Games.

Game 1:
Try to eat a donut from a string using NO hands.

Game 2:
Try to throw 3 inflatable donuts onto a stick.
(We used a brother's play sword stuck in our couch.)

(They are small, and not swimming pool inflatables.)

Game 3:
Pin the Donut!

The girls put their initials on the bottom part of the donut.
We blindfolded the girls and had a donut box tacked to the wall.
The girls had to try to put their donut top on their initialed donut.
We did a donut cake, of course!
(For you locals,
Sweet Sensation Donut is are favorite place to get fresh donuts!
They are YUMMY!)

We gave out these mini donut chains in goodie bags.

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Stacey said...

How fun, what cute ideas!