My Kids Art Gallery Wall

For years I have been saving up some of my kids favorite bright art pieces.
I've always wanted to make a display of their artwork.
After doing some online searching for ideas and some trial and error,
I decided to do an art gallery wall.

I had a bunch of leftover frames I've collected over the years.

I removed the photos in them, and put them in an album.
I removed the glass from the old frames, and spray painted the frames white.
I did this in the spring in my garage. Each frame took 2-3 coats.
Each coat takes 10 min. to dry. It took about 1/2 day in and out of the garage to coat them all.
But, it really didn't take too long.

Most of the frames already had white mats inside the frames
which I think complimented the art better.

I love how it turned out. I didn't work too hard on placing or measuring the art on the wall.

The all white frames and white mats is what made this work.
It unified the wall and made the art POP with my random old frames.
I did add 2-3 elements of some natural wood on the wall to add a little diversity.


Rebecca said...

I love it! Looks very artistic!

Janis said...

I love all the wonderful ideas you share! Thanks so much!!