General Conference Weekend - Oct. 2016

I was so excited this past weekend, I made homemade cinnamon rolls!
This has been a goal of mine for years.

We also listened to General Conference from our church.
We listened to our Prophet, President Monson and the 12 Apostles.

I loved making and eating these rolls.
I liked this recipe because the rolls only needed to rise one time.
I made the recipe in the morning,
and were eating the rolls later that morning.

Some tips for making the rolls from this recipe:
-Add a pinch of sugar to your yeast when you add it to the warm water.
-Then cover it with a dish towel. Yeast likes to grow with a little sugar, in the dark.
-It should take about 5-10 min. for the yeast to activate - to foam, rise, and bubble.
(Look at pictures online if you're not sure.)
-Your dough can be a little sticky when you're done mixing it.
(Add 6 c. flour, then add more as needed.)
-Adding lots of flour on your rolling surface is more important
than mixing more flour into your dough mixture.
-When you have your dough rolled into a large rectangle, spread on lots of butter,
  lots of butter.
-You can add a little cream cheese to the frosting if you like.

Here is another cinnamon roll recipe that looks fairly easy to try.

General Conference Notes:

The kids and I used these to listen to the talks with.
I used the printable illustration conference notes
My sister also inspired us to color the speaker's ties.

For me personally, the conference gave me a lot of good parenting advice.
Which I really need in this season of my life.

Some favorite talks were:

Elder Hales - "Come Follow Me" His 'Oh good' story in the talks made me feel good.
Elder Andersen - A Witness of God and his puzzle piece video meant a lot to me.
Elder Cornish - Am I Good Enough? Will I Make it ? Had some great reminders, and wisdom
Elder Stevenson - Look to the Book, Look to the Lord Asked the youth to read the B of M in place of some screen time.
Elder Oaks - Sharing the Gospel Simplified the process for me
Elder Ballard - To Whom Shall You Go  I loved his powerful question, Where will you go?
Elder Bednar - "If Ye Had Known Me" was a great talk about really knowing the Savior

By Sunday afternoon, MY KIDS WERE ALL DONE LISTENING!!!!

This is when Elder Nattress told us his story of when he was young, and told his mom, "I'm not even listening.", then Elder Renlund told us his lighting a fire cracker at church story. Which pretty sums up, how we finished General Conference.



Sally said...

Our conference tradition is always having cinnamon rolls, I too have always wanted to try making them from scratch. Maybe one day!

Rebecca said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your ambition and skills!

Steven Wismer said...

Can you PLEEEASE make those rolls when I come for Christmas? I'm already salivating for it.