Settling into our Fall Schedule

Our family is settling into our fall schedule.
It always takes a good month or so to transition from
Summer to Back-to-School.

We've also been in our new home for 2 years this fall.
We all feel settled, adjusted and happy after the move.
It takes time.

I've tried to be less scheduled this fall. I am tired.
We aren't doing any extra sports or music lessons.

This may change, but for now, the kids are only
doing their school sports and music,
and church activities.
Which still keeps us all plenty busy.

Here's my daily schedule:

7-9 am kids school, dishes
9-10 laundry
10-11 daily job
11-12 Brandon time/lunch
1-2 computer/errands
2-3 afternoon work
3-4 time for just ME!
4-6 dinner
6-8 read, exercise, homework
8-10 relax, family scripture, bedtime

I'm trying to do a daily job every morning, and another cleaning task in the afternoon.
I also want to be better at cleaning the kitchen, each day.
This means dishes, and cleaning counters, and sweeping the floor.

I've scheduled some work time on the computer each day.
Computer time = bills, family plans, church work, I do some things for Chris dental practice, school stuff, etc.

Lastly, I've given myself an hour to do something fun before the kids get home.
I need to relax and mentally prepare for the crazy that happens when they all get home,
and dinner needs to be ready, etc.  I try to know what I'm doing for dinner in the a.m., and not scrambling, deciding at 5:30 pm what we should eat.

This is my daily job schedule for the morning and afternoon:

Mon - Declutter Downstairs, Weekly Menu/ FHE plan - Floors
Tu - Bathrooms - Church work (Temple, Family history, visiting teaching, etc.)
Wed - Vacuum - Wells Dental
Th - Organize Projects - Bedrooms
Fr - Yard - Sew/Iron

Again, I'm not strict with this schedule at all. It just helps from time to time - when
I have a huge list of things to do, and messes all over the house, and I have no idea where to even begin, and Brandon wants me to build legos with him (and I never understand how he wants me to do it), or play go fish with him for the 20th time.

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Unknown said...

Good plan. I was just thinking I need to come up with an hourly schedule for myself to keep more on track. Otherwise the day just disappears.