Favorite Short Hair Products

Here are my favorite hair products that I use with my short hair.

I have thick hair, so keep that in mind,
as you consider these products and the texture of your own hair.

1. Aveda, Brilliant Hair Retexturing gel
I use this one when I have wet hair.
I need to put product in my hair after I wash it.
This allows my hair to be more manageable, after it's dry.
It's a little pricey, but it works so well, I let this be a beauty splurge.
We all need at least 1 beauty splurge, right?
Cheap gels don't absorb in my hair very well,
and don't last throughout the day.
This one absorbs great, with out being too goopy,
and doesn't give my hair a wet, crunchy, look.
It looks natural while keeping my hair more styled.

2. Style Sexy Hair, Slept In creme
This one I use in the mornings on my dry hair,
when it's sticking up everywhere.
This creme is my quick fix, to help me fix my hair fast.
The title is exactly as it's described - it fixes your slept-in hair.
Sometimes I use it on my wet hair too. This one maybe my favorite!

3. Aveda, Control Paste
This one I use on my dry hair, and you need a little product to control some fly aways,
or just tame your hair a bit. It only takes a finger-tip of paste,
that you rub into the palms of your hands,
and then rub into your hair to style it a bit.
It's great for an evening out, or just to fix your hair
when you need to look a little more polished.
This one is pricey, but I use it for years since you only use a little at a time.
It doesn't smell the best, but it works so well, that I overlook that con.
I also use this one with my longer hair too.
It helps with straight hair, without making your hair look wet or sticky.

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