A Family Update

Here is what we are each up to this Spring:

Chris: Works at Wells Dental,
and works with the 11 year old scouts in our church.

Me: I'm on our kids' elementary PTO board this year
- this could have a post all it's own.
I'm a primary teacher in our church.

Lindy: 8th grade, piano and clarinet lessons, track, and
she serves in her young women's class presidency.

Kyle: 6th grade, saxophone in the school band, he does boy scouts,
and runs track.

Tate: 4th grade,  piano lessons, scouts, and gymnastics.
He loves tinkering and engineering,
and is constantly working on a hobby of some kind
-origami, yo-yo making, rubik's cubes, airplane engineering, etc.

Sadie: 2nd grade, piano lessons, and clogging.
She's getting ready to be baptized next month. 

Brandon: Pre-school, and soccer

We are all doing well, but feeling busy; even when we try to keep our activities to a minimum.


Karen said...

That is a really good picture of you guys! Love the update and love you guys!!

Sally said...

Kyle is playing the saxophone?? No idea. That's awesome!

MollyE said...

You are doing great Katie!! YOu have a beautiful family and your kids are so well rounded. Love you guys!