Make Something Monday - Stained Glass Poster Board Painting

In the summer, I try to let the kids make a craft or art project on Mondays.

I loved telling the story to the kids before we got started of
His story of stuttering as a child, and not getting accepted into college
I thought were inspiring examples of overcoming challenges.

Poster Board (I got a package of 1/2 the size of normal poster size.)
Masking or Painter's tape
Paint (washable is preferrred!)
Foam or paint brushes

Let your kids put tape on their poster board.

 After taping, let the kids paint the colors in between their tape.
The paint can overlap on top of the tape.
Try not to let different paint get inside the other taped shapes, though.

After the paint has dried, remove your tape and
see your design and art!


Karen said...

So fun! We'll have to do this! I think we did it with haylees name one time but I love all the different designs!

Stacey said...

What a fun idea!