Thanking Teachers - Keep it Simple

Another school year is over.  Just like that.
We survived being at new schools, with new teachers, and new friends.
We are still adjusting. Change is good and hard all at the same time.

Here's my teacher thank you card I made
for the end of this year for my kids in elementary school.
I just got gift cards at our local sports store,
and thanked my kids's teachers for going the extra mile.

I hate the pressure to do something, but feel bad if we do nothing.

I try to do a Christmas gift and last day of school gift. 2 things.
I skip teacher appreciation week, it's too much. 

When I correspond with the teacher during the year for emails,
I always try to express gratitude then too.

For middle school, we didn't send anything this year.
Lindy has 5+ teachers. Maybe this is a perk of a child in middle school?

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