Young Women New Beginnings Nautical Theme

Here are a some decor & refreshment ideas for Young Women's.
This nautical theme was used for a New Beginning's Night. 

This year's youth 2015 theme,
'Oh ye that Embark in the Service of God'
incorporates a nautical idea,
so I thought these photos could provide an idea or two.
There are a lot of great paintings of Christ by the Sea.
Donut Life Preservers
Orange Slice Boats in Blue Jello

For this night,
The Young Women, their parents, and all in attendance sat in the same room together.

We highlighted each new young women coming into beehives for the new year.
The young women seem to like it when we do a slideshow/video
highlighting the new incoming beehives.
(Sometimes a yw can prepare the slideshow for a personal progress project.)

All the young women and the leaders sang a song together.
We had practiced the song about 2-3 weeks before for a few min.
each week on Sundays.
(Sometimes it takes effort to learn a new song,
but I think for some yw; music and learning the words to a song,
 can increase their testimonies in a way that only music can do.)

To prepare for this night we also gave the yw 7 envelopes,
numbered 1-7, for them to open each day the week leading up
to our New Beginnings Evening.
(You can choose to make envelopes for the 11 yr old girls or not.)

Each envelope had a scripture, a quote, or a picture, about Christ in it.
We wanted to give the yw a daily reminder to think about Jesus Christ.
Then that night we had a beehive, mia maid, and a laurel
share one of their favorite things from the envelopes.
(Preparing the envelopes took longer than planned,
if you do the envelope idea, keep it very simple)

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