A Visiting Teaching Story

When you are part of an LDS ward, women ages 18 and up, are assigned 2 sisters, called visiting teachers.  They come to visit you in your home, and teach you about once a month. At times they can help serve your family when you are in need.

The Relief Society President, who oversees the visiting teaching program in each ward, let me know ahead of time that the sisters she was assigning to me, didn't come as often, and would I be okay with that. I said, "Sure, that's just fine." In some ways that was a good thing for me, one less thing to schedule in my busy life.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I went through something kind of sad, that could merit a visit or some kindness from my visiting teachers. Since they hadn't come or didn't know me, they didn't know I was in a little need. This was fine for me, though.
This isn't a guilt story about how to be a better visiting teacher.

It is a story of a tender mercy,
and how the Lord will provide and take care of you.

Heavenly Father knows me personally. He knew my needs.

At the time of my need, another sister in my ward told me that she was going to be my new visiting teacher. She was doing a brunch in someone's home, and invited me to come. In that same afternoon, though, I got a text from her, saying that she had made a mistake, and that she was not going to be my visiting teacher. She was embarrassed for her mistake.

But, she wanted to know if I'd still like to come to the brunch anyway.
I knew in my heart, that what she thought was a mistake,
was actually a tender mercy for me.

I went later in the week, to the brunch and enjoyed some much needed company with other women. It was fun and relaxing and something I was in need of.

I'm very grateful for the tender mercies we receive in our lives.
I'm grateful that Heavenly Father knows us individually, and sends us angels when we are in need.

This is the gospel in action. A small thing maybe, but the reason over and over again, why I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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Karen said...

What a special story for you. I love tender mercies! Great testimony builders!