Happy 4th B-day Brandon

This year Brandon wanted a real b-day.
A party with friends.

Since he was born on Christmas Eve,
we're still working out the best way to
do his b-day, in the midst of Christmas Festivities.

When he was 1, we just kind of skipped over it.
When he was 2 we celebrated quickly at lunch on Christmas Eve.
When he was 3, we quickly celebrated before we packed for our
Christmas vacation last year.

He was old enough this year, that he had been looking forward
to his b-day for a long time, and wanted to celebrate it for real,
without it being an quick after thought.

So, I cheated a little and we did his b-day on Dec. 23rd this year.
All the cousins his age were in town for Christmas,
and we invited a couple neighbor kids over.

Brandon requested a Disney Cars themed party.

First, as the kids arrived we colored a picture of Brandon.
This was a fun, easy idea.
Google how to turn a photo into a coloring picture for instructions.

Then we ate Brandon's favorite food.
Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.
Favorite Cousins all about the same age:
Hunter, Claire, and Nathan!
Next the kids split into 2 groups.
One for pinning Lightning Mcqueen onto a race track,
and another group for some hot wheels races.

It wasn't too cold,
so we sent the kids outside for some red light/green light up down our driveway.
The kids used paper plates for steering wheels.
We came back in for birthday cake and present opening.
We did a race track cake with 2 rectangle cakes.
It was a fun b-day.
Thanks for everyone's help.
Aunts, Grandpa, older siblings, etc.

I asked Brandon how he enjoyed his birthday after it was over.
"It was the best birthday ever!" he said with a huge smile on his face.


Karen said...

It was a great party!!

Darryl said...

We always celebrated Josh's birthday on the 23rd, too! (Amanda not Darryl)

Janis said...

wow! Great party! How did you pull that off right before Christmas? You must be Super Mom!!