October Happenings

The month started when we moved on Oct. 3rd.
We lived in that home for 8 years.
Tate was just a baby, when we moved in,
and then we had Sadie and Brandon in the home.
It was right next to the elementary school, which we loved.
We made so many memories, and
even though it was exciting to move,
it was hard to leave a home that meant a lot to us.
The home sold.

Tate turned 9,
2 days after we moved in.
He requested a red velvet cake,
which Costco nicely provided for us.

All what Tate wanted for his b-day was a pet rat.
YIKES. . . a rat for our new house!
Hmmm. . .
Since he didn't get a rat for his b-day,
now he's begging Santa.
Hmmmmm. . . .

 I celebrated my 39th b-day. Still under 40!
Chris surprised me by having me close my eyes,
as he walked me around the house, then outside to open my eyes to our new home,
as he yelled, "Surprise".
This will be my b-day present every year for the rest of my life.
I'll take it!
Lindy and I went to a yw's mother/daughter witch's hobble.
It was a very fun and a clever yw activity.
I'm cackling in the picture, can you tell?
Fall is not complete without some Satuday Soccer Games.
This fall Kyle and Sadie played.
We carved pumpkins.
But, not on Kyle's b-day.
He specifically requested that we NOT carve pumpkins
on his b-day like we ALWAYS do he said.

Kyle takes his carving very seriously.
You can see he's fast at work here.
A couple day's later we celebrated Kyle's 11 b-day!
A simple letter "K" cake.
Kyle asked for a pogo stick,
more origami paper, an origami book,
a Legend of Zelda video game.
I also gave him an alarm clock.

Then we did Halloween.
Lindy was a super girl.
Supergirl one night and
Flash for another night.
Kyle was the invisible man.
(His church suit is making a great
halloween costume for him year after year.)
Tate wanted to be a millionaire.
Hmmm. . . .Tate's ideas always have me wondering about him.
(Again, these church suits are being well used.)
Sadie wanted to be a pioneer.
I think she was inspired by Chris and I going on trek this past summer.
Sadie asked Chris to put some dirt on her face.
She must  know what it was like to be a real pioneer.

Brandon was Superman for our ward's trunk or treat
just like his last year's costume.
But after some more thinking,
and a kind suggestion from me he decided to
be the pirate "Captain Jones" for Halloween night.
He's combined Capt. Jack Sparrow,
and Indiana Jones into Capt' Jones.
And that was our October.

Now, we're knee-deep in snow and having an arctic freeze here in ID,
and Yikes. . . Christmas is about 5 weeks away.
Are you ready?


Stacey said...

Wow, I loved all the pictures and the commentary. The kids all look awesome! Good costumes!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you are already making some great memories in the new home! Thanks for all the pictures!

Karen said...

Love love love hearing about your October!! Very busy, crazy and chaotic I'm sure but looks like fun for all! Love seeing glimpses of your house. Can't wait to see the whole thing! we have our christmas countdown chain up and that's about all we are doing for Christmas decor this year. So I guess we are ready!

Laura said...

I love seeing pictures of your kids in the costumes they chose. How clever. And Lindy is such a beauty! She looks so grown up, even in a costume!