Sadie turned 6!

 Sadie started Soccer and is loving it!
She's one tough cookie out there.
Her team name is the Golden Unicorns.
Sadie had fun with a share bear for a school project.
Sadie recently went to the zoo with her bestie, her cousin, Haylee.
I love Sadie's expressions as the tiger eats her arm.
 Sadie's b-day was on a school day,
so her class sang to her while she wore her b-day crown.
 Sadie passed out her b-day treat (Rice Krispy treats with sprinkles)
with her cousin Haylee to her classmates.
How fun to have your favorite cousin join you at school!
 Sadie wanted a puppy b-day party.
We tried pupcakes, but the cookie ears were too heavy!
Sadie was lucky enough to have her grandpa sing with her!
Sadie took a Let's Play Music class all year,
and recently had her Spring Recital playing her bells.
She's had quite a year.

As my Dad recently put it,
"Sadie loves life!"


Karen said...

We love Sadie!!!! I'm so glad we were able to be there on her birthday! Every time we get in the car hunter asks if we can go to our cousins house.

MollyE said...

Sadie is a ball of fun for sure! You got some great pictures!

Sally said...

Awesome pictures! We love Sadie!

Jeremy said...

Great photos... esp that one of Grandpa.