15 years Feels Great!

15 years felt special this year!

Not because of our trip.
I just think 15 years feels like a wonderful accomplishment.

I think each anniversary is something to celebrate.
But milestone years like 15 feel great!

It's nice to look how far we've come in 15 years:

1 temple sealing
1 graduate degree
3 jobs
3 dental offices
1 stolen car and with most of our belongings
6 cars (the stolen car returned)
2 rentals
2 houses
4 moves
1 miscarriage
5 children
1 major surgery for our 4 mo. baby
1 triathlon
1 trip to Turkey (Chris by himself)
2 trips to Disneyland
1 trip to San Diego
2 trips to Oregon Coast
1 trip to Hawaii
church callings
countless smiles and some tears

Even better to look forward to the next 15 years together!
That's the most exciting.
Our future.

What will it bring?


Sally said...

Love this post and that picture of you two. Happy 15 years!

MollyE said...

Great Picture!

Laura said...

Cute post! I'm in anniversary mood....coming up on 6 years with my hubby!