I'm grateful for Service

I'm grateful our ward had a service project this month.
As families, we raked leaves for other families in our ward.
New widows, elderly, and those who were in need.

At first my kids fought about which rake to use,
then they were cold and tired, even before we started.
Brandon cried and had a tantrum.
But, slowly they started to rake as others joined in.
Before they knew it work was getting done,
and they were having fun.

Tate climbed trees in between raking.

Brandon cried if anyone used this rake.
He was the only authorized to use it.

Lindy helping

Sadie wanted to make sure I got her silly face

Kyle in position to get a bag and fill it with leaves.
He and his friends developed quite a system of quickly putting leaves in the bags.

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Kathy said...

Awesome! What a great experience for the whole family! I hope they got a treat afterwards! :)