Sadie turned 5

Sadie is another year older.

Kyle was super excited for her!?!
(It's just Kyle being goofy)

 Sadie requested a princess b-day cake this year.

I tried a Pinterest idea.
Use a coloring page, sandwich the coloring page with wax paper and a piece of glass.
(Just use the glass from an 8.5 X 11 frame)
Then color it with frosting.
Use frosting tubes or paintbrushes.
Freeze overnight, and then place on top of your frosted cake.
I let Sadie color with the frosting.
It turned out okay.
If you try this idea, bigger shapes work best.
Barbie's eyes, and mouth didn't work so great.

Sadie wanted a friend b-day party this year.

The party went super easy.
I didn't fuss over any part of it.
I didn't google ideas or plan anything big.
I ran to the dollar store and picked up a couple supplies, games, and crafts.
One of my easiest friend parties, yet.

 Esme, pictured above, is Sadie's preschool friend.
Brandon, below, had to join in the crafting fun.
We played Pin the Crown on Sadie!

I blinked and Sadie grew up.
She puts up with a lot,
having active older brothers and sisters.
She smiles and sucks her thumb through most of it,
and has learned how to hold her own.


Sally said...

Sweet Sadie! What a fun party!

Stacey said...

Looks like fun, some great ideas! I can't believe how big she is either.

Karen said...

I remember the fhe over at molly's house that you announced to us you were having a girl. I had just had haylee and was so so so excited she would have a girl cousin to be besties with. we love Sadie so much and are so grateful for her fun delightful personality. She is a dolly.