Out My Window & A Snow Cream Recipe

We are having a good snow storm today.
I like it. I feel warm, cozy and happy to stay inside.

Have you ever tried making snow cream?

It's so yummy!
My kids and I love it.

Snow Cream Recipe

1 C. Milk
1/2 C. Sugar
1/2 t. vanilla
4-5 Cups of Fresh Snow

Mix together milk, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl until sugar is dissolved.
Then mix in your 4-5 C. of Fresh, CLEAN, snow. 
Chill in the Freezer for 30 min.
Eat & Enjoy!


AmyMak said...

Love your pictures...is that instagram with an iphone? I think I need an iphone just for instagram. Snow cream looks awesome - my kids would love that. We'll get outside before the dog does :) Happy new year!!

Heidi said...

We finally had enough snow to make snow cream today. It was so good! Better than another recipe I had tried a few years back.

First thing one of my kids said after school was "Can we have snow ice cream?" You should have seen her face when I said Yes and I had your recipe out ready to go.

I was actually a nice mom for once. Thanks for sharing