Christmas Pajama's

My sister, Karen, inspired me this year to do Christmas pj's.
Karen gives Christmas pj's at Thanksgiving for her kids to wear all Dec.

We've never done Christmas pj's before.
It seemed like a fun idea.
Then it became a bigger project, to find the right ones and sizes at a couple different stores.
I questioned, if I was spending my time and money in the right way.

When I gave my kids their pj's, at the beginning of Dec.
their eyes lit up with the glow of Christmas.
It brought the magic of Christmas into our home.

It was so fun seeing them in their pj's.
It was a mother's moment, to be remembered.

Then we watched Arthur Christmas.

There are sooooo many fun things to do or try at Christmas with kids.
I start feeling overwhelmed.  Which traditions, to try or start?
All of them becoming a project that is bigger and harder than I thought it would be,
and then I feel grinchy instead of cheery.

I try to just pick 1 or 2 ideas per year, and then let ALL the others go.
This year we did pj's.

All of the other ideas will have to wait for another Christmas.


Karen said...

So so cute!!!! I wish so badly we could be together for Christmas. Hunter and Brandon would look so cute in their matching jammies!!

MollyE said...

Those are absolutely darling pictures of your kids! I think I might have to do this too, so fun.

Amanda said...

I like your idea of picking just a couple of ideas to try and let the others wait. There will be a lot of Christmases!