Red Fish Lake - a post Molly's been waiting for!

In the middle of August, we went camping with my sister Molly's family at Red Fish Lake.

If you're ever in Idaho and you can visit Red Fish Lake, you should.

We had a great time camping. Between our 2 families we have 9 kids.
Out of those 9 - only 2 - are girls. Did you get that? That means 7 BOYS!

This means camping is a good thing for our families. Most boys love CAMPING!

We went camping for 3 nights and 4 days. Which I think might be a record for me.
Usually, 1 night of camping is plenty for me.

But again, we have BOYS, and they love Camping.
So we just do it. I don't think I saw much of my boys the whole time.
We didn't have any tv's, video games, or computers with us.
And my boys didn't even bug me to use my iPhone.

It was great camping with Molly. She is a great camping chef, and provided some wonderful meals.
Camping is much more fun when there is good GRUB.  We appreciate all that Molly and her family did to provide a great camping experience for all of us.

The only downer of the trip was the air and sky were SMOKY and hazy from the many forest fires.
It was pretty bad, with ash on your tents and cars. You couldn't even see the stars at night. {frown}

  The Tent

Boys and Campfires
Lindy Reading - Camping Memories I have of Lindy
The Waterfall Hike
Happy Cousin Spencer and Sam riding on the tube!
Chris let the boys drive the boat too.
They loved it!

Can you see the haze?
Normally, blue skies are all around these mountains!
Uncle Jeremy goin' for the dive!

Kyle loves to paddle
Tate explorin' the Woods
 Cousin Sam tries out a root beer float
 Sadie is ready to blow her whistle in case she gets lost on a hike
 Wadin' Cousins: Nathan and Brandon
 Cousins in the Lake
 Cousin Matthew and Tate are bosom buddies!
P.S. 2 weeks later I'm still doing laundry from the trip.


Sally said...

awesome pictures!

Karen said...

Wow that is some serious camping! Good grub AND a boat would make camping fun. Not to mention good company. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Great pictures

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the photos!

Laura said...

These pictures are great! What a fun memory for all of those kids!