In the thick of things

Whatever peace and calm I enjoy during the day, 
it is not around in the morning, after school, and in the evenings.

I'm continually AMAZED at how loud raising a family is.

Getting 3 kids off to school in the a.m.
is a hurricane of backpacks, papers signed, instruments brought,
shoes found, lunches packed, breakfast served, and hopefully a family prayer said.
It's chaotic and loud.
The aftermath, every morning, makes my head spin everyday.

Then, the minute, the 3 older kids walk through the door in the afternoon,
I brace myself for the hurricane of noise all over again.
Everyone has to talk ALL at the same time.
Including, my 2 younger ones who have been with me all day.
(Couldn't they be quiet? Didn't they have their turn with me during the day?)

Backpacks, snacks, homework, a chore or two, piano,
"Can I go to a friend's house?", "I've done my stuff can I watch tv now?", dinner,
after school activities, more housework, maybe some yard work, exercise, bed time,
church work, stories, hopefully some scripture and family prayer time,
teeth brushed, back to bed again, and "GO TO BED, lights out,",
and a final "BE QUIET"muttered yelled a few more times before the day is finally over.

Phew. . .
Then, when it's morning I lay in bed, wondering,
"Do I really have to do it all over again today?"

For our Family Journal here's our current activities:
Lindy: Piano, Soccer, Clarinet, Activity Days
Kyle: Piano, Chess, Soccer, Scouts
Tate: Piano, Karate
Sadie: Preschool, Dance
Chris: Training for a half IronMan Race

This is a photo of Tate doing his spelling and sight words.
He's 6 and doesn't like homework that much.
His teacher noticed Tate likes learning by touch.
She suggested having him spell his words in cornmeal.
It worked like a charm.
He didn't want to stop spelling.

A weird photo of Lindy at soccer.

Tate showing off his Karate uniform.
It's serious business, Tate decides.

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Kristen said...

I think so many of us dream all summer of the day our kids will be back in school...and then we revisit the morning, after school, and evening chaos!