Blue Skies

This summer there were a lot of fires.
It made for a lot of bad air, grey skies, and haze.

We couldn't even be outside much or open windows.

There were fires in many states, and somehow the bad air traveled to our state
and just hung around in our valley for the summer.

I had forgotten how much I appreciate clean air and blue skies.

Last week, I was outside, looked up and saw blue skies again.
(The photo above is what I saw and I took a picture to remember.)

I was very grateful.
It's amazing everyday things I take for granted, and when they are gone, I miss them.
Some of these everyday things are quite miraculous.

I was reminded to be more grateful and appreciative of 
Heavenly Father's beautiful world he created just for me and you.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Oh I love blue skies and fresh air! That's my favorite part of Autumn.....it brings fresh crisp air and that invigorates me!

I'm sorry for all those who suffered through the summer fires.

But I'm happy that you posted this beautiful picture!