Keep Summer Simple

After I spent too long looking at summer ideas for kids on pinterest,
I read this post from one of my favorite mom bloggers.

I loved it. It's so simple.

It reminded me of Pres. Uchtdorf's talk,
about the astronauts using pencils up in space.
Engineers spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours
coming up with an AMAZING
type of writing device to use in space.

In the meantime, the astronauts used pencils.

I have also loved reading stephanie's blog, barefoot in the kitchen,
over the last couple of years.
Her blog is calming, soothing, happy, and always a nice reminder to
be a little more simple and a little more present for my kids.


Kristen said...

I've been checking your blog this week to see what your summer ideas were for this year. This is perfect. Thank you for sharing. (I'm still going to go check your pinterest ideas though!)

Katie said...

If I have time,
I will post my summer backpack idea.

My kids will each use their school backpack and I put
their own towel, sunscreen, water gun, etc. in the backpack to use for the summer.

That way they are responsible for bringing their own backpack of stuff for the fun things we'll do this summer.

Kristen said...

Great idea! We are swimming every day in the summer, and go to a pool 20 seconds up the road from our house. But it takes an hour to actually get out of the house! And then we usually have to turn around because someone forgot all their stuff!!!

I would love to hear about more of your ideas. I did the Bingo thing last summer and it was a huge hit. The kids want to do it again. I have to get it ready and I'm dragging my heels. I've got one more week...