What can you do with old picture frames?

Turn it into a Chalkboard!

(My quote is funny, though. right?
Ironic, that I changed my old frame into a chalkboard.

I didn't like the frame just the way it was.

We've been watching some Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
and this quote inspired me, recently.)

I spray-painted the frame, first.
A cream, ivory color.
The chipping worn look, just happened naturally.
I'm a sloppy DIY person.
I didn't prime it??!!

Here's the chalk board paint I used.
I didn't prime the glass first.
I just brushed 2 coats of chalkboard paint onto the glass.

This photo shows how I taped the edges of the frame.

The project didn't go perfectly.
I wanted to remove the glass from the frame, but I couldn't get it out.
In the process some of the glass cracked,
and I put a lot of duct tape on the back to remedy the situation.


AmyMak said...

I'm glad you posted that. I have a chalk board wall but I'd really like to hang a chalk board upstairs. I wasn't sure you could do it on glass. Your post made me laugh too, b/c I'm also a sloppy DIY person. Very exciting! Thanks!

Karen said...

I need to do this!!!