Hello Again and These are my Sisters!

Hello again,
I have missed blogging more frequently.

Of course, a new year's goal for me is to blog more regularly.
We will see how I do for 2012.
You'll have to have low expectations for me, though.

It turns out taking care of 7 people and a house is about all I can do.
Just keeping everyone fed and clothed is about all I can handle at the moment.
I don't even mean fed and clothed well.
I just mean, feeding them cans of soup and hopefully having shoes, pants, and a shirt on.
Not even matching shoes at that.

Enough about that, though, I want to share with you a little about my sisters.

Here are my 4 sisters and I.

I'm quite lucky to have each of them!
I love that I come from a family of lots of sisters.
They each provide me with great insight, wisdom, and strong examples.
They are my heroes and great friends. 
From Left to Right: Sally, Molly, Karen, Stacey, and me

I was able to have a weekend with my mom and 4 sisters last Oct.
We had a great weekend eating chocolate
(we went on an eventful, interesting, delightful, chocolate tour in downtown Portland),
blabbing, shopping, eating, and relaxing.

During the weekend I asked them some questions that I thought would be fun to put on my blog.

Here they are:

Do you blog, text, facebook, or email?
Karen:blog and text
Sally:text and facebook
Me:Text, email, and blog

What is your favorite movie you saw in 2011?
Karen: Something Borrowed
Sally:Breaking Dawn
Stacey:Money Ball
Me: The Help

What is a Spiritual Thought that inspires you now?
Stacey:All things will work for your good
Karen: I can do hard things
Sally: Look to the future with faith
Me:Read the scriptures daily

What car do you drive?
Molly:black, Honda pilot
Stacey: red sport, Toyota Corolla
Karen: grey, Nissan pathfinder
Sally: red, Mitsubishi outlander
Me: Chevrolet suburban

Name 1 simple thing that makes you happy.
Molly: my morning cup of hot chocolate
Stacey: taking a nap
Karen: checking the mail
Sally: taking a shower
Me: watching a good tv show or movie

What is 1 hard thing about your day?
Molly: homework with my boys
Karen: feeding my kids 3 meals a day
Sally: trying to decide what to make for dinner
Stacey: pleasing my boss
Me: not having a moment during a day to think or do something for myself

What is a current song or music you have listened to recently?
Molly: NPR
Karen: the radio
Sally: Maroon 5
Stacey: Adele and the radio
Me: the band, Blind Pilot

What is your favorite snack craving right now?
Molly: Kettle Corn
Stacey: Chocolate Chips
Karen: Cheese and crackers
Sally: Sour cream & onion potato chips
Me: plain m&m's with peanuts


Karen said...

Oh how I miss Boise!! And you must have a super great photographer. Fantastic picture. It puts a smile on my face!! I was visiting teaching today and bragging about how lucky I was to have 4 best friends who just happen to be my sisters!!

MollyE said...

Wow, that is some hair I've got going on there. Somebody set the wind machine in the wrong direction!

Sally said...

i love that picture of us!