Brown-Bag It!

Lindy and Kyle both had homework the 1st week of school.
They had a Brown Bag assignment.
They each had to put several items that describes them in a brown bag.

Here are Lindy's items:

 1. A hobby she has is rocks. (shiny, green rock)
2. Her favorite music is Taylor Swift (cd)
3. She has a future plan to be a dog-sitter (small dog)
4. She would like to be a better soccer player (red t-shirt)
5. She'd like to visit Hawaii (sea shell)
6. Something special about our family is we all have blue eyes (blue button)
7. The best part of her summer vacation was our trip to the OR coast (toy shark, she got on the coast.)
8.  Going to horse camp is a memorable thing she has done in her life. (horse)
9. She dislikes wearing curlers in her hair (blue curler)
10. She has a talent for music (music paper weight)

Here's Kyle's:

1. He likes to play video games (mickey game)
2. He like to play music (drum sticks)
3. He likes to play sports (soccer trophy)
4. He likes nature (small shiny rock)
5. He likes the beach (broken crab shell)


Karen said...

Fun homework, and creative items they placed in their bag. I had no idea Lindy wanted to be a dog sitter.

Sally said...

I want to hear more about Lindy eating shark?

Katie said...

She didn't eat shark, she got the toy shark from the waitress at the seafood restaurant.
Sorry for the confusion.