Summer Charts

A couple of you have asked about my summer planning, charts, ideas, etc. for my kids and our family.

Here they are:
Summer Bingo:

I got this idea here. I'm not forcing them to do Bingo.
Just a nice way to combine some fun with some work or projects that I think would help them.
It is a great solution for Summer Boredom.
They are earning $ or fancy popsicles each time they get Bingo.
The above chart is for Sadie who is 3. (That's why there is an S in front of the words Summer Bingo.)
Just put whatever you want on your Bingo's. It works for any age.

Our Weekly Summer Chart:

I put this paper on our kitchen wall each Mon. I usually fill it out on Sun.
It helps me know which day we will hit the pool, what day we will try a park, where we need to be at what times, etc.

I also choose what craft or science experiment we will do for that week.
For easy science experiments I bought this book. The supplies and ideas look fairly simple to try.
I will try to post links to our summer crafts on my right side bar.

I think it would be fun to pick a theme each week too. A subject to learn about - Bugs, Canada, Trains, Pres. Monson, Math, etc. Maybe next year I will try this.

I try to have a school day about once a week. Nothing fancy at all and only for an hour or so.
Flash cards, journal writing, leftover workbooks from school, handwriting, etc.

Summer List:
Meg started this fun summer list tradition. I love it. This is Meg's list and photo from her blog.
I make a similar list only a lot smaller and much more plain looking.

Kitchen Chore Chart:

I'm not strict with this chart at all.

If the kids are happy and not being lazy or fighting;
then I prefer to work in the kitchen ALONE in PEACE & QUIET.

If, on the other hand, the tv has been on too much, the kids are fighting & bored, the kitchen is extra dirty, the baby is crying, or if I'm in a bad mood then I start BARKING orders left and right with this handy dandy chart. I'll let you guess how often I use this chart.

Summer Rules:

  1. Get IN the car when Mom says to. Have shoes. Put seatbelt on immediately.
  2. No taking/eating the WHOLE bag of pretzels, chips or crackers to yourself on the couch. Take only a handful and put in a small bowl and eat in the kitchen ONLY.
  3. No eating ice cream whenever you want. (Unless you're the mom) You can eat as many otter pops as you want. THROW the wrappers away. (see rule #5)
  4. Tell Mom where you are going at all times.
  5. Put things in the garbage, not in the grass or on the carpet.
  6. Hang wet towels on hooks, or on backyard plastic chairs. NOT in a wet soggy pile on wood floor or carpet.
  7. If you fight I take your Bingo money away.
  8. No Yelling for MOM! 10 times in a row really LOUD. If you can't find me, I'm in the baby's room putting him to sleep, that's why I don't yell back at you. QUIETLY, walk to baby's room and whisper your problem to me.
  9. Be in your rooms at 10 p.m.
  10. Do your daily jobs, help in the kitchen, No screen time until after lunch.


Kristen said...

THANK YOU!! I made up a Bingo card that looks similar. My kids are counting down the days until school is out so they can start Bingo. I threw in a few chores as well. I especially love your Rules. Hilarious. Makes me feel like I am not alone in my chaotic life!

Thanks again for sharing your ideas. You'll have to do a mid-summer update. Bring on summer!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for all the great ideas. We may need to adopt some of your rules. We have a lot of the same issues. I especially like that the mom can eat ice cream whenever she wants.


I love ALL of it! Thanks!