The Rooster Tail

About every couple of years, we receive extra snow. The melting snow creates a lot of extra water. When this happens the city lets out the extra water from the local dam for a couple of days. The pressure and power of the water spilling out creates a
Rooster Tail!

The public is allowed to view it.  It is pretty cool and fun to see.
You can picnic and enjoy the site. It is HUGE and creates a lot of spray.

Sadie wants to share her sandwich with you.


Karen said...

wow, I can't believe how bundled up you guys look. It looks very cold. I'll pray for some sunshine to shine down on Idaho and I'll send some of our 100+ degree warmth your way.

MollyE said...

Cute pictures! 4 years in Boise and we still have not done this!! Some day.....