My Grilled Cheese is always burned on one side.

How about yours?

Summer is going ok.
Some ups, some downs.
Mainly, I'm just sooo tired.
 There are things going on every 30 sec. with the kids being home.

Baby B sometimes sleeps through the night, and
sometimes takes a nap in his crib.
This means I'm workin' 24/7, 7 days a week.
I'm too tired to sleep-train or crib-train him.
He's awake more and likes to be held.
He's discovered food.
He's licked carrots, crusty french bread, pickles, watermelon, cantaloupe, pretzels, chips,
and loved red licorice!
He takes a few bites of rice cereal mixed with apple juice every now and again.

Tate has become a Medical Mystery these last few weeks.
Every week he has something.

Then, Chris and I have to play the game:
"Is this anything"?
(We get all our best parenting skills from David Letterman)

Or nothing?

This week he had a sore arm.
Is it sprained or broken?

Now he has a strange marble rash on his chest.
Part of the rash seemed to eat his skin a little.
It doesn't itch him, he seems fine.
Although, when it first started he cried, and said it burned.
Then we gave him Benadryl.
I'm monitoring the situation and playing the
"is this anything" game.

He had an unusually bad case of stomach flu.
He's had an unusual bad case of seasonal allergies.
One week he couldn't swallow and complained of hairs in his mouth.
Another week he had a reaction to his kindergarten immunization. A swollen thigh.

Chris and I got a new church calling together.
The nursery - with 18 kids.
Chris seems fine with it,
and I'm adjusting to the idea.
We tried it Sunday.
Now, I'm wondering how to do the calling with a baby in my arms.

I would like to go on a vacation.
I'm ready to escape for a little.
Will you plan a vacation for me?
I'm too tired to figure it out.
The truth is-taking kids on vacation IS NOT a vacation for me.
Leaving kids is exhausting too, - too much prep to make sure the kids will be fine while we are away,
and then the worrying once we've left them.

I've discovered Pinterest, set up my account, but have yet to begin pinning.
It looks fun, maybe someday I'll try it.
It's a place to store your favorite links, ideas, or images that you find online.


Karen said...

Poor tate! I hope he's okay. I think you, Sadie and Brandon should come to Arkansas!! Hunter could teach Brandon a few things and oh my goodness Haylee and Sadie would have so much fun together. I was just thinking about Haylee and Sadie today. We were swimming and I wished Sadie was there so bad. Those two girls would have so much fun together. Our pool is awesome for little kids.

Heidi said...

I'm tired too and I don't have a baby. Don't know how you do it all. And I'm with you on the vacation thing. Both options are exhausting.

Sometimes I wish the leaders considered that when your daily life is the nursery that might not be the best calling. But I'm sure you'll be fabulous.