Our Best Bites Cookbook - The Giveaway!!!

Giveaway Closed - February 25

Sara Wells, one of the creators of Our Best Bites food blog, has just come out with a new cookbook!

I have spent some time with her new book and I really love it.
I'm not a chef, cook, or baker. I am picky, though, about cookbooks and recipes.
Recipes have to be easy, simple, practical, and realistic for me to love.
Her cookbook is great for that, but also gives plenty for more expert cooks too!
There are so many recipes!  Every single recipe has a full color photo. That is amazing.

I wanted to join in the excitement and give away 2 cookbooks!
Anyone is welcome to enter the drawing.
Whether you are new to my blog for the first time today,
or have been patiently reading my blog since the beginning.

To enter:
Leave a comment &
state your favorite thing to eat.

The winners will be selected randomly.
I will announce the winners sometime on Friday, February 25th.

I interviewed Sara for this post.

Looking back, the interview was kind of funny:
We had our boys running all around us, our babies crying near us,
and my daughter had the stomach bug, but we had fun anyway.

Katie: What's your favorite home cooked meal?
Sara: Grilled fajitas with black beans.

Katie: How about your favorite dessert?
Sara: Homemade fudge with mint ice cream.
(Breyers brand white mint ice cream)

Katie:What is something your mom taught you about cooking?What is one of your first memories in the kitchen?
Sara:We always had family meals, my mom cooked a lot at home. She always involved my siblings and I in the kitchen.  My mom taught us that being in the kitchen isn't a chore, it's fun!

Katie: Now, that you're a mom with 3 active little boys -
How do you cook dinner with toddlers all around you?
Sara: I try to keep them occupied by giving them a job.
For ex: They can pour water in a bowl using measuring cups, they can count food items, I let them choose part of the menu - carrots or peas?, having the tupperware drawer at their level, etc.
I let them 'think' they are helping by allowing them to play with food that I'm not actually putting into the meal.

Katie: What is your favorite tool to use in the kitchen?
Sara: 2 things- A garlic press and a cookie scoop (The scoop is great for making meatballs, measuring batter for muffins, etc.)

Katie: What is your favorite cooking or baking ingredient?
Sara: Do I have to name only 1? I have 5 that I love.
1. Bacon
2. Garlic
3. Chocolate
4. Peanut Butter
5. Lime

Katie: When you're not cooking your 'Best Bites' for dinner, you know, on a day when you don't have the energy or time to cook; what do you serve your family for dinner?
Sara: We eat cold cereal. (Sara says with a grin!) I do try to cook 4-5 times a week, though. I've learned how to keep it simple.  We often eat tortillas and burritos. I store canned black beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. for those kind of nights. Frozen ravioli is great too, served with parmesan cheese. Pre-cooked bacon can be added too! Using pre-cooked meats are great for keeping it easy in the kitchen. Frozen chicken strips are a favorite in my kitchen.

Katie: Do name brands matter when buying ingredients?
Can you buy generic ingredients?
Sara: Honestly, you can use generic items in lots of recipes. It matters the most when the recipe only has a couple of ingredients. When the ingredient is the 'star' of the show. For ex: pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes. When baking cookies with lots of ingredients you can certainly use generic items.  I do love using fresh lime or lemons when a recipe asks for lemon/lime juice.  Fresh ground pepper and kosher salt can make your recipes taste better too!


AmyMak said...

I hope it's not bad luck to be the first to comment. Love your blog and I love Best Bites. I've been faithfully checking to make sure I don't miss the give-away! Favorite thing to eat? So hard. I'll pick fajitas with fresh cilantro. Thank you!

Stacey said...

I think that cookbook sounds so fun!! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

My fave thing to eat is a tie between chips and salsa and anything sweet.

Amanda said...

My favorite thing to eat is mashed potatoes. Mmm, so good. Maybe I should move to Idaho...

Tricia said...

I love to eat homemade desserts, especially cookies!

Andrea said...

I don't know that I can pick one favorite thing...but I will say I love breakfast :)

Heidi said...

Can I get an extra entry for patiently reading your blog from the beginning?

Favorite thing to eat depends on the day and the hour. Today it is homemade rolls and chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. (not together)


I love a cinnamon roll right out of the oven with cream cheese frosting!

Kristen said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this. I always turn to thier site first when I am looking for a recipe. And I have never been disappointed! My favorite thing to eat has to be my guilty pleasure after the kids are in bed...ice cream.

Rebecca said...

I'm a cookie monster, homemade cookies for me!

Janis said...

I have a bad cold right now. Homemade chicken soup is at the top of my eating list!

MollyE said...

My favorite thing to eat?? I am totally a food of the moemnt girl. But I always looove Indian food.

Karen said...

Well I'm very excited for this especially after picking out my favorite recipes from the book. My favorite thing to eat is chocolate chips. They're always my go to stress food reliever. But my favorite meal is sweet pork tacos or thai noodes.

Erika said...
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Erika said...

I might be too late to comment, but my favorite thing to eat is corned beef and cabbage!