Nifty Nine!

Somewhere in the craziness of Christmas, and a new baby Lindy had her 9th b-day.

9 Nifty Things about Lindy:
  1. She loves wearing fun pajamas
  2. She likes to collect cool looking rocks
  3. She likes to take pictures and got a camera for Christmas
  4. She loves school and reading
  5. She is a great help with Brandon and an excellent diaper changer
  6. She likes to eat Nutella sandwiches for lunch
  7. She loves gum
  8. She likes to make beaded jewelery 
  9. She wears a flower clip in her hair almost every day.
Lindy wanted to do a b-day party with some girlfriends this year at our home.
I wasn't so sure about having this party-knowing I would be very pregnant.
Instead, we planned to pick up her friends early in the morning at their houses. We asked the girls to wear their pj's and we took them out to breakfast at IHOP.  It was a fun party and so easy. The girls had fun.  I'm glad we planned it this way, since I was home with a 4 day old baby and not at all in the mood to host a party full of girls in our house.

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